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Simplify Your Life With Our 5-Step Process To Perfect Construction

Complete. Total. Service.

That is our number one philosophy at CPR. And we’ve structured our entire business from the ground up to ensure that your building project is as hands-free and worry-free as you’d like it to be—starting from the very beginning...

Step 1: Consultation & Quote
With more than 15 years of hands-on experience, we know exactly what questions to ask to prepare a clear, preliminary quote so you know exactly what to expect.

Depending on your project, we can either create a...

Fixed Price Quote. For smaller projects, we offer a fixed, guaranteed price you can count on. 

2. Cost Plus Estimate. For larger projects, we’ll provide you with a preliminary estimate for budgeting purposes. In a Cost-Plus Agreement, you simply pay the actual costs incurred during the project plus a negotiated markup for complete project execution.
We don’t believe in surprises, therefore changes and additions will be detailed in writing.

Step 2: Planning & Scheduling

Once we reach an agreement, we’ll begin detailed planning by first reviewing the drawings and working with architects, designers, and subcontractors in refining the design, materials, and costs.

If your project isn’t large enough to justify hiring an interior designer, we can help you with making appropriate selections. Many people feel a bit intimidated by the hundreds of little choices that have to be made during the building process. Not to worry.

We’re here to help with even the “smallest” of decisions by making appropriate and helpful suggestions. If you’re pressed for time, we can even present a “packaged” option for you so you don’t have to get involved in all the little details if you prefer not to. We’ll even handle the shopping.

We’ll also coordinate with your local Building Department and supply all the necessary documents. Our 15 years of experience has taught us how to successfully navigate the red tape in obtaining building permits, passing inspections, and other hassles.

Finally, we’ll develop a schedule and begin ordering materials to ensure they are in place and ready to go before the work begins. All this ensures we stay on time and on budget.

Step 3: Site Preparation

Before we begin, our first priority is to protect your existing surfaces, furniture, and belongings from the construction process. We apply protective covering, move furniture, and box up your belongings as necessary to keep them safe.

We even take digital photos to make sure everything is back in its proper place once the building project is complete. It’s yet another way we take the hassle out of home construction, freeing up your valuable time for things that are more important to you.

Step 4: Renovation

We maintain a devotion to quality workmanship, paying attention to the smallest details to ensure your new living space is as beautiful as it is practical.

Our master craftsman can bring virtually any design to life. So go ahead... dream big. Dream bold. We’ll make it happen.

During the building process, you can expect our workers to be courteous and respectful. If requested, we can set up regular site meetings with you to review our progress, make selections, and discuss other project details. Or if you choose, we’ll simply make sure everything is taken care of for you while you focus on more important things.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Finally, we’ll wrap up the project by going through a final “punch list” of to-do items to ensure every last detail is completely taken care of.

We’ll even do a professional cleaning—and put everything back in its proper place—so you have one less thing to worry about.

Our goal is to do such a thorough job removing all the worry and hassle that it’s almost as if your renovation happened by “magic”!

No one else offers anywhere close to this level of exclusive service and support. And on top of it all, we provide a one year warranty on labor and the materials we provide.

So go ahead. Simplify your life.

Experience home building or remodel the way it should be.

The Process: Welcome
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